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2/28/2014 - Texas Dealers: No Direct Car Sales, Even For Tesla's Gigafactory

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2/28/2014 - Enjoy 30 Fantastic Minutes Of Pure Porsche 911 GT3 Rally Porn

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2/28/2014 - You Need Some Mud Racing With Your Friday Afternoon Break

2/28/2014 - The Newest Chevrolet Is A Daewoo Sold As Buick Reworked As Baojun

2/28/2014 - Please Never, Ever Watch This Mitsubishi Car Dealer Rap Video

2/28/2014 - Drug Lord Chapo Guzman Had A Very Appropriate Car Collection

2/28/2014 - How Are We Doing?

2/28/2014 - SUV Train Track Straddling: 'The Other Olympics'

2/28/2014 - This Subaru Driving On Water Is Not A Photoshop

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2/28/2014 - Your City's Finest Truck Graffiti

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2/28/2014 - Man With Mullet Mounts Harley, Almost Dies Twice In One Minute

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2/28/2014 - 2015 Audi TT: This Is It (Updated)

2/28/2014 - This Helicopter Armada In Ukraine Is Absolutely Terrifying

2/28/2014 - REMINDER: Jeff Gordon's First Viral Test Drive Ad Is Still Fake

2/28/2014 - Food Trucks Fighting 'The Man' In Florida

2/28/2014 - Tesla Stock Up 619% Over The Last Year

2/28/2014 - The Koenigsegg One:1 Is Sweden's 280 MPH Carbon Fiber Hypercar

2/28/2014 - David Bowie -- 'Modern Love'

2/28/2014 - For $6,499, Have Some Caprice Fun

2/28/2014 - Lexus RC F GT3: Looks Great Or Looks Awful?

2/27/2014 - Take A Lap Of The Totally-Never-Gonna-Happen London Grand Prix

2/27/2014 - Alfa Romeo Has A Crazy Idea And Sticks The 4C's Heart In The Giulietta

2/27/2014 - Porsche Built A Very Slow Car That Could Last Forever

2/27/2014 - It's Now OK To Use GPS On Your Phone In California

2/27/2014 - The Volkswagen T-ROC Concept Is VW's Idea Of A Juke

2/27/2014 - You Can Lose Your License In Florida For Not Taking A Paternity Test

2/27/2014 - Three Semi-Coherent Drool Machines Attempt To Discuss Supercars

2/27/2014 - Awesome Images Of Bisimoto's Tire-Eating 1029 hp Minivan

2/27/2014 - John Hennessey: 'Dreams And Passions' Are Why Venom GT Is Successful

2/27/2014 - This Woman Tried To Beat A Train And Almost Got Her Head Torn Off

2/27/2014 - The Brabus '800 iBusiness' Is A Bonkers V12-Powered G-Wagon Office

2/27/2014 - Brabus G-Wagen Has Biturbo V12, 1047 lb-ft Of Torque, And 'No Limits'

2/27/2014 - Some Madman Is Rallying A 210 MPH Porsche 911 GT2

2/27/2014 - Man Crashes Car, Natural Reaction Is To Book It, Naked

2/27/2014 - GM Might Have A Secret Small Truck Project

2/27/2014 - I Can't Stop Staring At The Volvo Concept Estate

2/27/2014 - Towering Wall Of Snow Leads To Nearly 100-Car Pileup In Canada

2/27/2014 - Is This $33 Million James Bond Car Collection A Bargain?

2/27/2014 - Dodge Ram Rams Through Venezuelan Protest Blockade

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2/27/2014 - The Skoda VisionC Concept Is An Audi A7 For The Common Man

2/27/2014 - 2009 Koenigsegg CCXR Edition: The Jalopnik 180 MPH Runway Blast

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2/26/2014 - Red Bull Pilot Asks CJ Wilson Baseball Trivia While Going Upside Down

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2/26/2014 - Georgia Tries To Criminalize Driving Slow In The Fast Lane Again

2/26/2014 - Bernie Ecclestone Says F1, NASCAR In Texas On The Same Weekend Is OK

2/26/2014 - Feds To Investigate GM's Recall Timing After 13 Deaths Reported

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2/26/2014 - The Top Gun Twitter Account Was Shot Down By Paramount's Lawyers

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2/26/2014 - Elon Musk Made $1.1 Billion Yesterday

2/26/2014 - Dubai Plans 'Operation Fuck The Poor' To Keep Cars Only For The Rich

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2/26/2014 - Winter Weather Torture Testing For The 2015 Ford F-150

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2/25/2014 - Rally Legends Lancia 037 And Lancia Stratos, Handmade In New Zealand

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2/25/2014 - Why Ford Is Smart To Drop Microsoft For Blackberry In Its Cars

2/25/2014 - The Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake Is A 186 MPH Wagon We Want Badly

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2/24/2014 - The Unbelievable Roads Of The 1984 Manx Rally

2/24/2014 - Alfa Romeo's Version Of The 2015 Mazda Miata May Get Abarth Power

2/24/2014 - I'll Probably Switch The Site Over To The New Design Tomorrow

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2/24/2014 - How ​The Feds' $8 Million Roadblocks Secretly Tested Drivers For Booze

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2/24/2014 - Jeremy Clarkson Twitter-Gloats Over Piers Morgan's Cancellation

2/24/2014 - The Chrysler 200 Convertible Is Dead

2/24/2014 - Longest-Serving Congressman, Friend To Big Three John Dingell Retiring

2/24/2014 - The US Is Getting The 2015 Ford Focus With A 1.0-Liter Ecoboost

2/24/2014 - Home Made Toyota Prius Pickup Blowing Minds Across California

2/24/2014 - Chrysler Is Committed To Not Screwing Up Alfa Romeo Launch In U.S.

2/24/2014 - A Zany 320 Horsepower 2015 Ford Focus RS May Be Coming

2/24/2014 - Brad Paisley -- 'I'm Gonna Miss Her'

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2/23/2014 - Tornado Warning Issued For The Daytona 500 [UPDATE]

2/23/2014 - Ukrainian Ex-President's Son Had A Car Collection Worth $2 Million

2/23/2014 - Ford Reportedly Dumping Microsoft For Blackberry, Of All People

2/23/2014 - Toyota Probably Never Considered This

2/23/2014 - This Motocross Crash Is The Worst Sucker Punch You Will Ever See

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2/21/2014 - Let's Be Practical About Solutions If You Don't Want To Be Tracked

2/21/2014 - Hyundai's Intrado Concept Might Be Their First Unique Hydrogen Car

2/21/2014 - Fuelshark Wants Us To Apologize Because They Sell Bullshit

2/21/2014 - Puny Compact Car Rescues Stuck Jeep Wrangler

2/21/2014 - Motorbike Burnout Goes Wrong When Man Is Charged By Cows

2/21/2014 - UAW Files Appeal Over 'Interference' With Volkswagen Union Vote

2/21/2014 - Swiss Air Force Closes At Night, Won't Open To Intercept Hijacking

2/21/2014 - This Is Why You Don't Block A Truck In The Fast Lane

2/21/2014 - What You Learn Driving A Corvette Convertible In A Snow Storm

2/21/2014 - PowerWheels Jeeps Make Amazing Mud Sleds

2/21/2014 - The Hyundai PassoCorto Concept Is Their Orange Alfa Romeo 4C-Fighter

2/21/2014 - Wetter Than A Soaked Otter

2/21/2014 - What's The Engine In This Monty Python Sketch?

2/21/2014 - Zenvo Is Pissed About Top Gear's Ultra-Harsh Review

2/21/2014 - Police Ticketed And Towed A Snow-Covered Car With A Dead Body Inside

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2/21/2014 - 2015 Ford F-150 Seats Perfected For Fat Americans

2/21/2014 - 2015 Porsche Macan: A Crossover That's More Fun On Track Than The Road

2/21/2014 - The Volvo Concept Estate Might Be A Glorious Brown Shooting Brake

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2/21/2014 - The Mazda Hazumi Concept Is Probably The 2015 Mazda2

2/21/2014 - McLaren 650S Will Start At $320,000 In Europe, 'Leaked' Sheet Claims

2/21/2014 - I'd Probably Let The Rock Win If I Raced Him In Karts

2/21/2014 - Flying Across The Desert In A Rented V6 Mustang: An American Aventure

2/21/2014 - Here Are All The Ways Your Car Can Track You

2/21/2014 - Off To Supercar Country

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2/20/2014 - It's Fine If Lamborghinis Are Associated With Bad Behavior

2/20/2014 - Soon You Can Order Stuff And Have It Delivered Right To Your Volvo

2/20/2014 - Ferrari Melts Like A Stick Of Butter In Hospital Garage Fire

2/20/2014 - You Need A Spark Plug To Smash A Car Window

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2/20/2014 - The McLaren P1 In GIFs

2/20/2014 - Why Wouldn't You Be Able To Use A Van For A Burnout?

2/20/2014 - Bernie Ecclestone Backs Putin On Gays, Is Asshole, Surprises No One

2/20/2014 - Holy Crap It's A Shiba Inu Puppy In A Modded 2002

2/20/2014 - Dealers Seem Confused About How To Sell The 2014 BMW i3

2/20/2014 - Passengers Stuck Onboard For Hours Call Cops On Their Own Plane

2/20/2014 - If You Can Only Visit One Supercar Maker, Who Do You See?

2/20/2014 - Woman On Bike Attacks Car Photoshoot With Water, Doesn't See Cop

2/20/2014 - Draco Malfoy Took A Lamborghini Through An In-N-Out Drive-Thru

2/20/2014 - Keep Buying The Scion FR-S And Its Siblings If You Want A Faster One

2/20/2014 - Why The Alfa Romeo 4C Is A Better, Dumber Choice Than The Cayman

2/20/2014 - This Chart Shows Every Space Exploration Rover Ever Launched

2/20/2014 - Tesla's ZEV Credit Win Should Silence Some Of Their Critics

2/20/2014 - Porsche Will Build Plug-In Hybrid Macan, Bring Diesel To America

2/20/2014 - Watch The Red Bull X2014 GT6 Car Run The 'Ring In 3'38.031

2/20/2014 - The Lotus C-01 Is A Stunner Superbike From The Man Behind Tron: Legacy

2/20/2014 - What's The Most Impressive Abandoned Military Base In The World?

2/20/2014 - The Ten Best Cars For Burnouts

2/20/2014 - Detroit Is Owed $82 Million In Parking Tickets

2/20/2014 - F1 King Muppet Bernie Ecclestone Escapes Jail, This Time

2/20/2014 - Hitting Jumps In A Rally Fighter, Holding On For Dear Life

2/20/2014 - Court Docs: GM Knew Of Cobalt Problem Before Fatal Crashes And Recall

2/20/2014 - I Would Pay To Watch A Le Mans Racer Whup Some F1 Cars

2/20/2014 - The Volkswagen Golf GTE Is A 130 MPG Plug-In Hybrid GTI

2/20/2014 - Ford Drops 'Shill-For-The-Oppressors' Mike Rowe From Truck Ads

2/20/2014 - Guy Makes Car Sounds With Mouth Like We All Do But Much Much Better

2/20/2014 - Angel Olsen – 'Forgiven/Forgotten'

2/20/2014 - This Is What The 2015 Audi TT Will Look Like

2/20/2014 - For $9,995, Are You Sarah Connor?

2/20/2014 - Detroit's Newspapers Will Pay A Billionaire For Their Survival

2/19/2014 - The Opel Adam Rocks Looks Like A Tough Sneaker

2/19/2014 - French Cars Might Work In The U.S. Now, If They Ever Make A Return

2/19/2014 - VW Labor Head Won't Support U.S. Investments Without Union

2/19/2014 - Everyone Wants A 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

2/19/2014 - There Are Some Big Questions Tesla Didn't Answer Today

2/19/2014 - Florida Couple: That's Our Corvette In The Sinkhole

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2/19/2014 - Parker Kligerman Just Got Tossed Into The Wall At Daytona Practice

2/19/2014 - Guy Captures His Car's Demise On Dashcam

2/19/2014 - Lada With Remote Starter Comes Alive And Chases Its Driver

2/19/2014 - Tesla's Earnings Beat Estimates As They Sold A Ton Of Cars

2/19/2014 - Oh No, I Pissed Off Terry Crews, Am I Going To Die?

2/19/2014 - Driving McLaren's World-Changing 950 Horsepower Super Hybrid

2/19/2014 - 2015 BMW M3 And M4 Are $60,000 Of Bavarian Sports Firepower

2/19/2014 - You Can't Walk On 6th Avenue Because The Street Might Electrocute You

2/19/2014 - This Is How Dumb CNET Thinks Its Readers Are

2/19/2014 - If You Own A Fiat 500 Abarth, Get To A Track Right Now For Free

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2/19/2014 - Comcast Wants To Prevent Cars From Preventing Accidents, Jerks

2/19/2014 - Watch Kimi Raikkonen Drive Like A Madman And Spin A LaFerrari On Track

2/19/2014 - How To Spot a Good Salesperson

2/19/2014 - Faith No More -- 'Midlife Crisis'

2/19/2014 - For $12,950 This Alfa Seems Verde Nice

2/19/2014 - Does The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Sound Like A Nissan GT-R?

2/18/2014 - The Volvo V60 Ocean Race Edition Can Teach Geography

2/18/2014 - Chinese Soldiers Are Too Fat For Their Tanks Now

2/18/2014 - 2015 Ford Expedition: This Is It

2/18/2014 - Some Guys Made Their Own Lamborghini Out Of An Old Volvo

2/18/2014 - PSA Peugeot Citroën To Get A Big Infusion Of Chinese Cash

2/18/2014 - There Are Too Many License Plates To Choose From In Texas

2/18/2014 - Man Shoots At Snow Plow Driver For Not Plowing Fast Enough

2/18/2014 - A Warning If You Get Too Comfortable Not Driving Your Driverless Car

2/18/2014 - The 2015 Audi S3 Will Cost $41,100 According To 'Leaked' Document

2/18/2014 - Here's What 100 Gallons Of Cooking Oil Looks Like On A Road

2/18/2014 - Testing Airplanes With Giant Cigarettes Is What America Used To Be

2/18/2014 - You Won't Believe What This Tiny Suzuki Is Rescuing In The Snow

2/18/2014 - Everyone Welcome Doug DeMuro To Jalopnik And Glimpse The Future

2/18/2014 - Why Yes, You Can Drive a Ferrari Every Day

2/18/2014 - The 2015 Mazda Miata Could Go Lighter, Get SkyActiv, Be More Oval-y

2/18/2014 - Automotive Artist Draws Funky Renditions Of Some Favorite Trucks

2/18/2014 - Watch This Toyota Camry Driver Fail To Parallel Park In A Massive Spot

2/18/2014 - Elderly Oakland County Woman Unleashes Foul-Mouth Tirade On Television

2/18/2014 - The Greatest Takedown Of A Bad F1 Driver I've Ever Seen

2/18/2014 - Union-Hater 'Joe The Plumber' Just Got A Union Job At Chrysler

2/18/2014 - A Reader Spied The 2014 Jeep Cherokee 'Off-Road Parts Prototype'

2/18/2014 - Mountain Drifting With One Gigantic Supercharger

2/18/2014 - This 8-Bit Paint Job Is Ken Block's New 2014 Livery

2/18/2014 - The 2016 BMW X1 Is Next On Their Front-Drive Platform Agenda

2/18/2014 - Škodas, Ranked

2/18/2014 - President Obama On The Future Of Commercial Trucks In America

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2/18/2014 - What Are Your Favorite Automotive Doppelgängers?

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2/18/2014 - The Fight For And Against Auto Plant Unionization Moves South

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2/18/2014 - For $5,500, Own A Real American Express

2/18/2014 - 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG: The Jalopnik Review

2/17/2014 - In Portugal, You Could Win A Car If You Pay Your Taxes

2/17/2014 - Mini Needs You To Decide Which Special Edition It's Going To Make Next

2/17/2014 - Honda Can Kill The Insight, But The CR-Z Needs Another Chance

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2/17/2014 - How Can A Broke College Kid Get Into Rally?

2/17/2014 - When Is A Problem With Your Car Actually A Problem With Your Car?

2/17/2014 - Aston Martin Gets Dissed By Chinese Counterfeit Plastic Company

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2/17/2014 - Not-At-All Creepy Chinese Public Toilet Shaped Like Giant Camera

2/17/2014 - Hero Drives Topless Mazda Miata Across Arctic Circle

2/17/2014 - James Bond's Push-Button Studded Tires Are Now Real

2/17/2014 - There's A New Contender For The World's Trashiest Windshield Wiper

2/17/2014 - Dear Top Gear, Please Hire This Woman's 'Genius Level' Nephew

2/17/2014 - Either New Cars Are Getting Less Reliable Or Olds Are Just Cranky

2/17/2014 - This Gentleman Doing Donuts In An Iso Grifo Is Cooler Than You

2/17/2014 - Is Danica Patrick Good Or Terrible? An Explainer

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2/17/2014 - Sebastien Ogier Jumps 41 Meters At Rally Sweden

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2/17/2014 - Thales Military Vehicles Pressing On As Australian Auto Industry Dies

2/17/2014 - 2015 Subaru WRX STI: The Big Winged Rude Blue Rally Machine You Deserve

2/17/2014 - Guy Robs Neighbor, Does TV Interview About Neighbor, Gets Arrested

2/17/2014 - What Happens If Tennessee Doesn't Get Promised Jobs After UAW Defeat?

2/17/2014 - GM's New 1.0-Liter Ecotec Engine Is The Answer To Ford's Tiny Ecoboost

2/17/2014 - The McLaren 650S Is Here To Kick Ferrari's Ass With Science

2/17/2014 - Cibo Matto – 'Know Your Chicken'

2/17/2014 - For $2,300, See How Well 5 Goes Into 7

2/16/2014 - Watch A Snow Plow Send Snow, Debris Flying Through A Restaurant

2/16/2014 - Top Gear Season 21, Episode 3 Video Open Thread

2/16/2014 - Porsche Reportedly Halts GT3 Sales Due To Potential For Fiery Death

2/16/2014 - The Ramp That Will Join The Nine Wonders Of The World

2/16/2014 - All Hail The Brand New GMC Adacia

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2/16/2014 - McLaren 650S: This Is More Of It

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2/16/2014 - Donuts Now Allowed In Formula One, But Only For Winners

2/16/2014 - Richard Petty Loves The Ladies, Richard Petty Says

2/16/2014 - Tanker Overturns, Bursts Into Flames In Houston [UPDATE]

2/15/2014 - Chevy SS Pace Car Goes Up In Flames At Sprint Unlimited NASCAR Race

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2/15/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Wallpaper Is Here

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2/15/2014 - How BMW Finally Built An Olympic Contender (That Isn't A Car)

2/15/2014 - Now You Can Own Gene Hunt's Audi Quattro From Ashes To Ashes

2/15/2014 - Routine Road Rage Leads To Absolutely Insane Shootout In Russia

2/15/2014 - Fisker Finally Finds A Home After Drawn Out Auction Process

2/15/2014 - Thank God The Doors On A Chevy Monte Carlo Came With Door-Parts

2/15/2014 - Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Reject UAW

2/14/2014 - The Mazda MX-04 Concept Would Have Been A Very Strange Miata

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2/14/2014 - 2014 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross: The Jalopnik European Review

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2/14/2014 - Toyota Recalls 261,114 Tacomas, RAV4s, and Lexus RX350s Built In 2012

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2/14/2014 - The Future Of The UAW May Depend On 1,570 Workers In Tennessee

2/14/2014 - Two Massive Crashes With Nearly 100 Cars Shut Pennsylvania Turnpike

2/14/2014 - Ohio Senator Behind New Anti-Tesla Bill Gets Paid Real Good By Dealers

2/14/2014 - Police Looking For Another Metro Detroit Freeway Shooter

2/14/2014 - Mercedes-Benz GLA Impressed Road & Track, Even Off-Road

2/14/2014 - De La Soul - "A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'"

2/14/2014 - For $3,500, Vaya Con Dios

2/13/2014 - 2015 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer: This Is The First Front-Drive BMW

2/13/2014 - GM Doesn't Know How To Sell The Chevrolet SS But It's Cool Anyway

2/13/2014 - This '67 Plymouth Barracuda Was American Muscle That Could Handle Too

2/13/2014 - Audi Puts The 'Carbon Neutral' A3 g-tron On Sale

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2/13/2014 - AMG Made A Boat To Go With Its Gran Turismo 6 Concept

2/13/2014 - Trucker Who Made Reckless Pass Causing Near-Miss Faces Charges

2/13/2014 - I Just Don't Even Believe Reports About A New Mazda RX-7 Anymore

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2/13/2014 - BMW Plans At Least 5 Front-Wheel Drive Models

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2/13/2014 - Lifting The 2014 Jeep Cherokee 'Not Feasible' [UPDATED]

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2/13/2014 - Audi Sweden Builds 50 Jon Olsson Camo Edition A4 Avant Quattros

2/13/2014 - Hospitality – ''I Miss Your Bones"

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2/12/2014 - The Saab Sonett Was The Unsung Hero Of The Sports Car World

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2/12/2014 - Beloved Subaru WRX Priced High So Owner Doesn't Have To Sell

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2/11/2014 - A Stall So WTF It Freaked Out Washington DOT's Twitter Account

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2/11/2014 - Spend Hours Playing With This 3D Model Of The 2015 NSX

2/11/2014 - No One's Saying An App In The Airplane Will Give You A Good Chance

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2/9/2014 - Top Gear Season 21, Episode 2 Video Open Thread

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2/6/2014 - Why American Rallying Is So Fantastic

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2/6/2014 - The 2015 Subaru Legacy Gets 36 MPG Highway

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