A Polish rally car decided it wanted to start a new life as a boat at a recent competition, venturing off course and into an irrigation ditch.

The driver and co-driver were not amused by their vehicle's change of heart. A LiveLeak user posted this translation of their discussion.

- Fuck
- Fuck
- We have to escape.. quick (???)
- Fuck I can't swim
- ???
- Fuck!
- Fuck me. We gonna be wet.
- What was that ? fuck
- Where we swimming ?
- Is it deep over here ?
- C'mon C'mon
- I'm unclipping my seat belt
- "System" "your helmet" "leave" "Now"
- Fuck! It's cold.
- It's taking water.
- C'mon C'mon
- Oh Fuck
- What are we doing here ? (rhetorical question)
- It sunk..
- I can't swim So I'm not gonna dive

The rally car's amphibious plans are currently unknown, but the humans inside are ok, at least.