Some day we might consider a clean, un-scraped 2003 Subaru WRX to be worth almost $24,000. That day isn't today, however, so anyone trying to sell a decade-old WRX at that price must be crazy. Or in no mood to sell.

A seller posted this Craigslist ad in the Phoenix area last year for an '03 WRX sedan. Silver, 85,000 miles, $23,599. It's priced that high because the seller made a terrible agreement with a spouse and now must part with the car.

No, he won't send you a picture where you can actually see the car. No, it wasn't maintained at a professional Subaru shop. No, it wasn't babied. And the water pump is "slightly haunted."

Yet it's being sold for just $400 less than the price new. But if you really want to see it, his wife has to be home to prove the car was advertised.


See, he should've bought the WRX wagon back in 2003. Then there would be no question about practicality.

This is obviously old, but it probably popped up on Reddit which is why so many of you sent us the link and we realized we never saw it or ran it.