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Down in my home state of Texas, our elected officials aren't afraid to tackle the tough issues, like sexy cheerleading or noodling. Now, one Texas Legislature hopeful wants to make it legal to gather roadkill so you can eat it. Finally!

The Associated Press reports 72-year-old Republican candidate Tink Nathan, who is seeking a Texas House seat that stretches from San Antonio to the border, doesn't like that it's a misdemeanor offense to collect roadkill in the Lone Star State.


Nathan says what sets him apart from the other four GOP candidates gunning for that seat is that he wants people to be free to gather all the roadkill you want for the purpose of consumption.

Why not, right? Nathan says it's legal in other states, so it should be in Texas too. Here's what the state agency that regulates roadkill, and other things, had to say in response:

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department spokesman Tom Harvey says the agency has no stance on the idea, but added, "There are obvious public health and safety issues."

Come on. I don't need THE GOVERNMENT to come in and tell me what dead animals I can and cannot scoop off the hot asphalt to cover in steak seasoning. Hell, if you're a real Texan, this law never stopped you in the first place.

Now if you'll excuse me, my armadillo/skunk tacos are almost ready.

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