In tonight's round of Small Hatches Not Offered To Americans, Volkswagen presents the updated Polo, set to be shown next week at the Geneva Motor Show. Like a lot of companies fielding these small hatches, VW is bring out a turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine.

Luckily, we have the 2015 Ford Focus and the Fiesta that's out now to satisfy three-cylinder enthusiasts who want a new hatchback. VW might be implying the Polo TSI BlueMotion is fun, which it might very well be with that 1-liter, 95-horsepower turbo 3. And it also claims to be most fuel-efficient five-seater with a gas engine. That's 25 horses shy of the Fiesta, though.


Never fear, there's a Polo BlueGT with 150 horsepower coming from a 1.4-liter four, sacrificing a little fuel economy for more power.

VW also offers the CrossPolo, presumably for people who are coming from a Subaru Outback or a '90s Pontiac and are unsure what to do if there isn't a lot of plastic cladding in their lives. It can also be had with adjustable dampers, which is interesting for something at this end of the automotive food chain. Of course, Polos can probably get pricey if optioned up.


The Polo isn't on the radar for the U.S. market yet, which is starting to be a real shame now that it looks this good and packs a three-pot. Next time, VW. Please?


Photos: VW

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