If you're a dad, with an adorable daughter, you want her to experience all the joys that life can bring. Especially if one of those joys is a 1000 horsepower monster of a Nissan GT-R. And the smile on her face is just the cutest thing ever.


If you manage to have a kid that does nothing but demand that you "go faster!" all the while with a big silly grin and plenty of laughter, then you've won at life, and probably in the genetic lottery, too.

And if introducing the next generation to Nissan GT-Rs is a new trend, then it should never stop.

The video is titled "Don't Tell Mummy," and even though the driver JamiePGTR, made his daughter promise not to say a word, the description says she spilled the beans the minute they got home.


For Mummy's sake, we'll pretend this was all done on a track.

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