Pope Francis: Awesome spokesman for his faith, beater enthusiast, secret superhero, and now, Harley owner. I bet you didn't think this dude could get any cooler. Well HE JUST DID.

Actually, it's former Harley owner. The Associated Press reports that a 2013 Dyna Super Glide owned by His Holiness just went for $327,000 at the Bonhams auction in Paris. Money from the sale will be donated to charity Caritas Roma, which helps homeless people in Rome.

Now, it's not clear that the Pope ever rode the bike, as it was a gift given to him by Willie Davidson, motorcycle designer and grandson of the company's co-founder. But the fact that a Pope, current or otherwise, owned a Harley-Davidson is unfathomably awesome.


Know what else sold at the auction? Harley-Davidson leather jacket signed by the Pope that went for about $78,000.

Pope Francis, man. Is there anything he can't do?

Photos credit AP

Hat tip to Ilya!