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Poll: Tell Us Who Really Builds 'The Best' Pickup Truck

Illustration for article titled Poll: Tell Us Who Really Builds The Best Pickup Truck
Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Whether you drive the same truck your grandpa did or you're the only pickup owner on your block, Truck Yeah! wants to know which pickup truck badge you stand behind and why.


Pickup truck brand allegiances can get pretty serious, some talk about the truck they drive like it was divinely ordained to them. Right now there's a lot going on in the US pickup market— Ford's trotting out lightweight materials, GM offers different sized trucks, and Ram has a diesel to the half-ton pickup. On top of that, Japanese competitors are about to shake things up with an engine alliance that would have been unimaginable years ago.


There's never been a better time to talk about taking sides!

At some point we're hoping to get some anthropological perspective on why brand loyalty is so strong in the American pickup truck arena, but first we want to know what badge you stand behind and why.

So pick a side in our poll, and explain yourself in the comments below! Or simply vote and reserve the right to remain anonymous. We'll circle back to this when get a healthy supply of answers.


Image: emilio labrador/Flickr

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There is too much ambiguity in "best". Also, best what? Compact? heavy duty? half ton?

I think Toyota wins the compact vote hands down (we'll see if the Colorado is good or not)

GM/Ford/Dodge all make really nice half tons. I prefer the GM trucks because I feel like they are more converative in their approach and are focused more on producing a truck that will last the course

Ford super duty is the undisputed king of HD, if not by merit than by trade sales alone.