Dodge Ram Rams Through Venezuelan Protest Blockade

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"If You Can't Dodge It, Ram It!" is no longer just windshield-banner rhetoric. Someone in an older Dodge Ram just blasted their way through a pretty robust looking blockade set up as part of the ongoing protests in Venezuela.

The Ram seems to be a '94-'01 BR/BE chassis truck, and while it clearly made it through the line it's tough to tell if the vehicle was able to continue on after the collision. The driver was either trying to make a statement, or was dead keen to get wherever he was going.

Protests have been raging across Venezuela since early January, when an actress of the nation Monica Spear was killed in a roadside robbery. The incident ignited citizens frustration with President Nicolás Maduro's United Socialist Party of Venezuela over a lack of crime control and scarcity of food and other basic products. The has country has been plagued by unrest since.

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Well the truck was able to move under its own power and seemingly make a left turn, so I'd say it probably survived with minimal damage

By minimal, knowing the BR/BE trucks, every component on that front end has all but disintegrated