The defining characteristic of the Nissan Juke has been its insane face. Some love it, some hate it, but the great thing about the Juke's styling is that you can form an opinion about it. That's rare among crossovers. Will Nissan screw it up with the 2015 Juke?


Nissan today released a picture of the side of the facelifted Juke, with the ends of it covered up by something you would've stuck on your binder in middle school in the '90s. Perhaps that's their attempt in trying to appeal to that demographic. Still, the teaser implies the changes to the Juke's styling are limited to the front and rear of the car, not the sides.

The Juke's been a solid hit for Nissan since it arrived in 2010, but the company claims to have "domination of the crossover market" in this tiny press release. But hey, they also call the Juke "premium," probably because it has a turbocharged engine.

Speaking of engines, that's still likely to be limited to the 1.6-liter turbo four in a few stages of tune, coupled to a six-speed manual on front-wheel drive models and a CVT with front and all-wheel drive.

But we'll know more next month in Geneva. Stay weird, Juke.

Photo: Nissan

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