What It's Like To Be Caught In A Horrifying Life-Saving Car Crash

The driver of this car wasn't lucky — another driver careened into him at high speed. But take a closer look at the pedestrians crossing the street.

No one was hit in this crash, which happened last Fall in Berezniki, Russia. The black Corolla shoots through the people in the crosswalk but somehow doesn't hit any one of them. It looks to me like if the Corolla hadn't hit the car recording with its dash cam, it would have shot straight into the crowd. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is.

According to the video uploader, no one was hurt in this crash at all.

(Hat tip to Demon-Xanthand KnifeKnut!)

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I'm religious and so I see some divine intervention. You may not be and may see this as coincidence or luck; that's fine too. In any case I hope those people realize how fortunate they are not to mention the driver of the corolla too, cause he/she was a few inches away from ruining some lives...including their own.