Ain't Nothing Like An El Camino Drift Car

This is Mike 'Mikespeed' Peters in his years with Bubba Drift. This is his ElCo Formula Drift car. It is, in a word, glorious.


Here's a description left in the YouTube vid of the car and the FD events it entered back in '05. It had a three speed!

Michael Peters in an 3-Speed Automatic El Camino drifting in the 2005 Formula Drift series which he landed 8th in the points with rookie of the year honors, and horsing around at other events across the USA.

The Elco was Automatic with no ebrake for 1/2 the 2005 season. It had a Magnacharged LS1 on pump gas and really low boost. I just drove the thing, I didn't build it, I wasn't allowed to make any changes, I just did the best with the cards I was dealt, which was an Automatic El Camino, with 330rwhp and no ebrake, until half way through the season I got a handbrake and another 100rwhp.

The Bubba Drift team quit competing in 2006 and I went on to make my own team which had car trouble almost in every event entered.

Mike is currently at Hennessey and is currently rocking a very sweet '70 Camaro. Fingers crossed he gets it drifting soon!



Thanks man, that was a lot of fun back then.

I'm finally getting settled in over here at Hennessey and am making some progress on the Camaro finally, hopefully I can give you guys a new video worthy of Hoon of the Day at some point in the future very soon!

Y'all can keep tabs on my few and far between updates on