Insane Turbulence Sends Baby Flying, Puts Flight Attendant In ICU

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We've all had a bumpy flight in our time, but this sounds like a different level. A United flight into Billings, Montana hit an unexpected pocket of turbulence. A baby flew from a mother's arms and five people ended up in the hospital, one in intensive care.

The United flight was enroute from Denver to Billings last night when, during the descent, an unexpected area of turbulence arose. It's been described as feeling like something hit the bottom of the plane.

What happened next sounds a bit like every flyer's worst nightmare. People went flying. A baby flew out of its mother's arms and into a nearby seat, unharmed. Three flight attendants were injured, one sent to the ICU. Someone's head hit and cracked the ceiling. The pilot declared a medical emergency.

The five injured all went to local hospitals, and four have now been released. The one who hasn't is the flight attendant that was admitted to the ICU last night.