Ah, 1960s Detroit. Such a simpler time for the first seven years of the decade. (You know what happened in the eighth year, right?) Peer into this YouTube telescope of the past to check out some classic street racing on the city's Southwest side.

I didn't know this since this video was filmed 20 years before I was born, but apparently illegal street racing was OK (there are cops visible in this video) if you did it along streets that weren't as busy. Stecker Street between Michigan Avenue and John Kronk Street is just that street.


There are a bunch of strip clubs around that intersection now, but in the golden days it wasn't uncommon to see a bunch of American steel — and starters wearing suits and hats, apparently — going up and down the strip.

I'm willing to bet money at least one of those cars has survived today and now participates in the unofficial car shows on Belle Isle, like you'll see in this video below.

Hat-tip to Deadline Detroit via The Detroit News

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