The United States wanted Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai for a connection to the al-Qaeda bombings of multiple US embassies in East Africa in the 1990s and possibly to a planned attack on the Libyan embassy in 2012. Here is video of US commandos abducting him in almost exactly 75 seconds.

The video comes from The Washington Post, which states that the US suspects Ruqai of involvement in the 1998 embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. The US further suspects Ruqai for involvement in a possible attack on the US' embassy in Tripoli, and also for some links to the carried-out attack on the Benghazi consulate.

Ruqai's attorney claims that he wasn't going after the United States in Libya, but rather after the Libyan government. Ruqai was a member of a group dedicated to overthrowing Gaddafi, as a document released by Edward Snowden states, the Post reports.

You can watch the video right here, and these stills should give you an idea of how it all went down.


Ruqai arrives at his family house in Tripoli after dawn prayers, and a white van pulls up along side him. Zero seconds in.

US commandos jump out, guns drawn. Seven seconds in.


US commandos begin to enter the car. A Hyundai moves to block Ruqai's escape. Eight seconds in.

US commandos get into Ruqai's car, now fully blocked after an attempted escape. Thirteen seconds.


Everything starts to go dark, US commandos start to take over Ruqai's car as activity slows down. Twenty-two seconds.


Doors close on the van, Ruqai is abducted. Sixty seconds.

All three vehicles drive off in control of US commandos. Seventy-five seconds in total.


Seconds later, Ruqai's extremely disoriented family comes outside to try and figure out what has happened.

It's a rare look at not only how the US' anti-terror programs work on the ground, but how an extremely professional car-abduction team works. The Post states that the three-part collaboration of the CIA, FBI and the Army's Delta Force carried out the abduction.