Racing brawls are nothing new. You've seen fights break out between pit crews, you've you've seen Kyle Busch put people into the wall, we've even taught you how to win a good scrap. But this seemingly unprovoked cheap shot from Mike Alessi on Brock Tickle at the Atlanta Supercross race is just all kinds of stupid.


Broc Tickle makes what looks like a totally clean pass on Mike Alessi coming down out of one of the turns. The same kind of pass that happens many times in every single race.

Mike Alessi doesn't like this.

Alessi proceeds to wait until Tickle is right in front of him on the next turn, and guns the engine, even popping a wheelie while he aims. He T-bones Tickle right in the side, sending Tickle's bike into the barrier and sending Tickle himself flying what looks to be about ten feet.


Though Tickle was on the ground for a bit, he eventually got up and seems to be alright.

Alessi was fined $4000 for the trouble, and is now on probation for the rest of the season. Though I don't think that's nearly enough for the sheer idiocy of what occurred, that makes it one of the worst racing sucker punches ever.


It's one thing if you slap Max Papis so hard that you break his jaw. It's another to aim a 200 pound missile at a guy sitting completely exposed on a bike. Alessi should be happy that Tickle wasn't seriously injured, or worse.


This isn't the first time some very dirty racing tactics have been used by members of the Alessi family, either. Last year, Mike's brother, Jeff Alessi, was forced to apologize after he was caught trying to shoot a laser pointer into the eyes of competitors.


H/t to MTRRIDER on Oppo!

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