Watch A Snow Plow Send Snow, Debris Flying Through A Restaurant

It's been snowing huge amounts in New York lately, and with snow comes snow plows. And with snow plows come incidents of reckless driving, damage, and even deaths. If you're wondering how any of that happens, just watch this plow shove a mountain of icy crap into a restaurant.

The plow completely battered the front of the Exo Cafe in the borough of Queens, according to NBC News, and sent two people to the hospital with injuries.


The New York City Department of Sanitation investigated the incident, and is taking disciplinary action against the driver, the report said.

While there is a time and a place for going fast, when you're operating a plow in the middle of a snowstorm is not one of them. For the love of all that is holy, plow operators, please drive carefully.

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What the hell is that wall made of?

(Yes I understand the physics)