No Way A Dodge Spirit Was More Interesting Than The Space Shuttle

America was revolutionized through the '80s, and some of that had to do with Chrysler's K cars. By 1989, the Dodge Aries had been transformed into the Dodge Spirit. Don't be fooled, though, it still looks like an American car from the '80s.

What's worse is that Chrysler spent at least $1.35 million to show this ad during Super Bowl XXIII, when the 49ers beat the Bengals 20-16 (ask me how I know).


And yet a whole crop of people waiting for the Space Shuttle to land were fooled. Really? This doesn't look like a late-'80s Honda Accord. Or a Volkswagen Jetta.

And for the love of God, the Space Shuttle's landing and you're missing it! Stupid people.

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