Slight Chance Of Blazing Speed For Man In Ram Van Leads To Recall

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You there! You, the converted professional non-van ram man who bought a Ram Promaster to become a pro-Promaster Ram van pro master-man, may have a slight issue on your hands. Your gas pedal might stick, leading to unintended acceleration, which will lead to a crash, which will lead to fiery death. Oops.


Sorry, Mr. Master-Man. The recall was issued this week by the NHTSA, after Chrysler noticed the slight issue while conducting some internal testing, according to their press release:

This issue was discovered during testing at a Chrysler Group facility, where a driver applied downward force at an angle. Chrysler Group engineers investigated and determined a 3.0-inch (75-mm) stop – which went into production four days after the incident – did not bind, even when force was applied to the accelerator pedal at an angle.


That must've been an interesting scenario at the Chrysler proving grounds, with a van hurtling away at uncontrolled speeds. And as the Promaster is available with 280 horses, it's not like it max'd out at a wheezing 30 miles an hour like the Europe-sourced vans from the days of yore.

Although, as each van is equipped with a brake-throttle override, the wild ride probably ended pretty quickly. Boo.


Photo credit: Ram