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Enjoy The Melodious Scream Of An Enzo With Straight Pipes

There are few ways to improve the Ferrari Enzo. You can make it look like a racer, a la the FXX, or you can make it look like a Maserati, like the MC12, but that doesn't really brighten your day. Putting straight exhaust pipes on an Enzo, though? Well that just makes everything better.


Though a muffler is technically a legal obstacle to hearing that magnificent V12, it's a bit like wrapping a scarf around Barbara Frittoli. Uncovered, it's perfection that's worth the price.

UPDATE: This video appears to be the third-person shot of another video we saw last August. From any angle, though, that Enzo sounds great.


H/t to Nytmare!

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This just makes me want a V12 so much more....

Hmm.... accessible V12s for a college student....

80s 7 Series... Too Bland.
8 Series... To rare.

XJS.... Slightly ugly
XJ12..... Yes. Off to the internet.