A silver Ferrari Enzo is a rare thing indeed... and one with unmuffled tailpipes is, if nothing less, decidedly YouTube worthy. This might be NSFW.


The title of this clip reads like a 60's comic book: "Ferrari Enzo in ACTION - Ride Powerslides Accelerations Revs!" and is a little overambitious as far as describing the "action level". It's also mostly dash-cam recorded so we don't get to see much of the vehicle, but the scenery ahead provides plenty of eye-candy to accompany the melodious wail of the v12 which makes it all worth watching.

Things get interesting at about 1:25, when the Enzo overtakes a pair of commuters and the road gets twisty.

Seems like the driver keeps things reeled in just enough, at least for a guy who owns an Enzo with open pipes, to avoid grandmas popping out of windows shaking rolling pins at him in scorn. He runs past buildings a little hot but cuts his speed when other cars are nearby and only passes with a clear line of sight. Though it does sound to me like he bounces off the rev limiter a few times.

Who's the real star here, that exhaust roar or the hell-of-a-road backdrop?

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