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A Ferrari Enzo With Straight Pipes Will Make Your Life Better

A silver Ferrari Enzo is a rare thing indeed... and one with unmuffled tailpipes is, if nothing less, decidedly YouTube worthy. This might be NSFW.

The title of this clip reads like a 60's comic book: "Ferrari Enzo in ACTION - Ride Powerslides Accelerations Revs!" and is a little overambitious as far as describing the "action level". It's also mostly dash-cam recorded so we don't get to see much of the vehicle, but the scenery ahead provides plenty of eye-candy to accompany the melodious wail of the v12 which makes it all worth watching.

Things get interesting at about 1:25, when the Enzo overtakes a pair of commuters and the road gets twisty.


Seems like the driver keeps things reeled in just enough, at least for a guy who owns an Enzo with open pipes, to avoid grandmas popping out of windows shaking rolling pins at him in scorn. He runs past buildings a little hot but cuts his speed when other cars are nearby and only passes with a clear line of sight. Though it does sound to me like he bounces off the rev limiter a few times.

Who's the real star here, that exhaust roar or the hell-of-a-road backdrop?

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This is some good, spirited driving. Probably not everyone around him loved it but in my opinion, all their lives were bettered by seeing and hearing not just an enzo, but a silver enzo WITH straight pipes.

I like the enzo, but I don't love it like I do the F40. However, that silver really brings it up a notch.