What you're looking at is the newest Chevrolet family sedan, to be built for markets such as Egypt and India. Only it's not really a Chevrolet.

As China Car Times explains, these spied photos from Autohome.com.cn show that the car is actually a Chinese Baojun 630 with the super cool horse logo pried off and a gold bowtie stuck in its place. Only the Baojun is only a reworked version of the old Buick Excelle. Only the Buick Excelle isn't actually a Buick, it's a Chinese-market version of the old Daewoo Lacetti.


So you're looking at a Chevrolet that's really a Baojun that's deep down a Buick that's actually a Daewoo.

Man do I love the Chinese car industry.

Photo Credits: Autohome.com.cn

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