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Some car companies you can't help but love. They might go out of business every seven weeks, they may make product planning decisions with tarot cards, but they've got history and charm and (every once in a while) brilliance.

I can rattle off a ton of carmakers like this, carmakers that you would never, ever invest in, but ones that you never want to go away.

The most obvious one is Lotus, which has gone so silent in the US that you'd be forgiven if you thought they were out of business. But they're the company that made the Elan and the Esprit and tuned the Sunbeam and Cortina and did everything else from groundbreaking F1 cars to the fastest four-door sedan in the world.

They've got history, and most of it is them going bust multiple times. But still, you always root for them.


What company do you think of, when you think of a lovable fuckup of a car company?

Photo Credit: Lotus via Alden Jewell