Air travel on its own can be pretty painful, but few things are worse than being trapped on the plane as it sits on the tarmac or getting stuck at the airport. Those are the kinds of things that happen in hell.

Last week we learned of several RyanAir passengers stuck on a plane for four hours without food or water. In the U.S. these days there are limits to how long passengers can be kept on a plane, thank god, but it wasn't always that way.


So here's our question of the day: What's the worst or longest flight delay in history? It can be time stuck at the airport or on the plane itself; a delay is a delay.

Personally I'd always rather go with the former, because at least then you can eat at Cinnabon. There's no Cinnabon when you're trapped on the runway for five hours.

What flight delays make you think twice about flying?

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