The Ten Car Sports That Belong In The Winter Olympics

Snow and ice are the most fun conditions to go nuts in a car. If kids flying around with BMXs can participate in the summer Olympics, these ten car sports should be staples of the winter games.

10.) Pairs skating

The rules: The same as for humans, but no studded tires. Instead of the usual figure skating music, speed metal.


Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch

9.) Andros Trophy

The rules: Race on ice between the snow banks. Using Dacias is worth double points.


Suggested By: Fl1ngstam


8.) Snow drag racing

The rules: You have to have a helmet. Wearing it is also highly recommended.

Suggested By: BlakeDaffy


7.) Formula 1 on Ice

The rules: Traction control is allowed, Kimi Raikkonen isn't.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister


6.) 2.4 Hours of Zamboni

The rules: Endurance Zamboni racing. The flow rate is limited to only 100 liters of water per hour.


Suggested By: shieldsdb


5.) Reverse ski jumping

The rules: No cable help is allowed, but the length of spikes is unlimited.

Suggested By: Gamecat235


4.) Hillclimbing

The rules: Consuming energy drinks is strictly prohibited.

Suggested By: bkempert


3.) Sprint car racing

The rules: The wing can't be wider than the car's length.

Suggested By: Boss2452stolemylunchmoney


2.) Freestyle jumping

The rules: Jon Olsson can only use products of the Volkswagen Group.

Suggested By: Máté Petrány

1.) AWD biathlon

The rules: Nothing under an AK-47 plays.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce


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Top Photo Credit: BBC

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spanfucker retire bitch

7.) Formula 1 on Ice

My god that would be SO FUCKING COLD. I doubt there's enough room for the drivers to put on enough layers to stay warm.