On today's Answers of the Day feature, one of the obscure car commercials you found was for the Cadillac BLS. And seeing the BLS in motion horrified me on a very fundamental level.

If you're not familiar with the BLS โ€” and why would you be? โ€” it was a Saab 9-3 re-badged as a Cadillac for the European market. I'm not sure why it upsets me so much. Something about turning a Saab into a Cadillac seems so... unnatural. Like it's not meant to exist in this plane of reality. The people of Europe must have thought so too, because none of them bought any.

Curiously, I'm far less offended by the other famous re-badge job of that era, the Saab 9-2X wagon, which was really a Subaru WRX. Maybe it's because Subaru and Saab are both quirky companies with a rich rallying heritage, or because the 9-2X actually looked pretty good; it's fine in my book, but the BLS isn't.

That's our question for the day: What car's existence troubles you deeply? What car runs around in your nightmares?