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The 1993 Monte Carlo Rally, Group A, Pure Engine Sounds

There are those who like Group A rally even more than Group B, and watching this video of the '93 Monte might sway you in Group A's favor.


What I think of when someone says Group A is homologation. More than Group B before it and more than the WRC cars of today, these were ordinary showroom cars, made extraordinary, then sold to the public as (somewhat) affordable homologation specials. In '93, carmakers had to build 2500 road versions of a car out of a total model line of 25000 cars to qualify for Group A rally. It's what gave the world the WRX, the Evo, the Delta Integrale, the Escort Cosworth, and the Celica GT4, all of which are on display here, short the Scoobie.

Judging by this video, they lacked little of the speed, the antics, or the crazy mid-road fans as the Group B days.


Oh, what I would do for Didier's Celica.

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I've driven/serviced/loved/hated 3 of 4 kinds of cars (The Cossie/Evo/Delta) in this video... and worked with a former Toyota Team Europe crew member from the Celica.

Life is good.