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I can't decide what the worst part of this guy's plan was- stealing a commercial cab, or lashing another one behind it with a rope and heading down the highway. None of that went well.

It doesn't look like he gave any thought whatsoever as to how the second truck would behave as a "trailer," and he lost control of his setup in front of somebody's dash cam.


Australian TV channel 9News dug up some great videos of the highway hijinks Aussie truckers get up to. It might err on the side of sensationalism, but it sure looks like "truckies," as they're known Down Under, have a reputation for mischief.

This clip was the gem of their report; it seems the owner of the truck doing the towing here claims the vehicle was stolen. 9News says the thief was arrested and now faces dangerous driving charges on top of vehicle theft.

Hat tip to Sauer Warwick!

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