Deeply depressing news out of Berlin this morning: a Ferrari 458 Speciale, that gorgeous and lustworthy red, white and blue speed machine, was demolished in a crash that apparently involved a Smart Fortwo, of all things.


GTSpirit has photos and this video of a 458 Speciale involved in a serious, high speed wreck in Germany just weeks after the new cars were delivered to owners. Here's what they believe happened:

The exact cause of the crash is currently unknown. However, some reports suggest that the Smart car ran a red light and was T-boned by the 458 Speciale travelling through the intersection at high speed. As a result of the impact, the Smart car apparently flipped before coming to a rest in a patch of grass next to the road.


Reports indicate at least two people were hospitalized after the crash, but it's not clear which vehicle the injured parties were in. I wouldn't be surprised if it was both; you can tell from the video that the damage to both cars was quite severe.

Terrible news all around.

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