Certain individuals — and I don't want to name names here — claim the new Ferrari 458 Speciale is a bit on the hideous side. I disagree, and I'm sure of one thing: it probably drives so incredibly well that once you're behind the wheel you won't care how it looks.


That's the sense I get from this on-track review of the Speciale from our pals at Britain's Evo. Editor Jethro Bovingdon notes that the 458 Italia has been around for an amazing four years now, and as it faces mounting competition from McLaren and Lamborghini, the folks in Maranello have to find ways to spice it up.


Jethro compares the new Speciale to the base 458 Italia and its direct predecessor, the stripped-down 430 Scuderia. How does the 605 horsepower Speciale stack up? Oh, it's good. It's very, very good.

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