SUV Train Track Straddling: 'The Other Olympics'

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In an attempt to battle boredom and possibly circumvent traffic, some off-road enthusiasts in Russia have created a new "sport" in which SUV drivers see how long they can balance their vehicles on the rails of train tracks. It's a full-scale international affair, complete with a panel of judges and running commentary.

It looks like they took over the train track for quite some time; the seven-minute clip spans night and day, with solid field of competitors to boot. There are some pretty serious SUVs mixing it up including Range Rovers and a QX56. But a Peugeot sedan probably laid down the best performance.

Some more background on these shenanigans is up on Russia's social network "VK," but I can't make much sense of it beyond that is has some political significance. Maybe some of our Russian readers can lend some insight.


Hat tip to Tomita!

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Matt Krantz

It would have been much awesome-r if the last vehicle would have been a F-150 Raptor powering thru not giving a **** about any rails. Murica! **** Yeah!!