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Rally Legends Lancia 037 And Lancia Stratos, Handmade In New Zealand

The Lancia Stratos and the Lancia 037 are among the greatest rally cars every designed – one was the first purpose-built rally car, the other was the last rear-drive rally car to ever win a world championship. They are jewels in Italy's motoring crown, and these two were made in New Zealand.


This is the story of how one American college kid, Ryan Symancek, ended up discovering rally culture in New Zealand, with its gorgeous scenery, crowned roads, and lax import laws. That story is told principally in episode three of My Life As A Rallyist.

The other story is of a few men who adored Lancia's great rally cars, happened to find each other, and worked together to make near-perfect recreations of their dream cars. That story is told principally in the following episode four.

It's easy to get lost in the visuals and in personal development story. But this is such an extraordinary story of a few gearheads finding it economically impossible to buy their dream cars and making them themselves instead. The cars just so happen to be a Stratos and an 037.


Not bad choices.

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the other was the last rear-drive rally car to ever win a world championship event

In 1987 and 1988, Bernard Beguin and Didier Auriol managed to win the Tour the Corse Rally in their rear-wheel-drive E30 BMW M3 and Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, respectively. So that honor must go, as far as I´m concerned, to the Ford (unless we count a Nissan 200 sx winning the Ivory Coast rally that same year, but it was only sanctioned for the drivers championship and not for the manufacturers, so I don't consider it a full-fledged WRC event, and no factory team bothered to appear in that rally)