I know it seems like we rag on BMW drivers a lot around these parts, but that's only because they keep giving us reasons to do it. And this 3-Series driver just raised the stupid bar to new heights.

Carscoops featured this video of unknown origin (possibly Russian because that would make sense for a lot of reasons) that shows a 3-Series driver who inexplicably comes to a stop on some railroad tracks and then parks there while the gates come down. Now, a normal person would be inclined to get the hell out of there immediately, but this driver just... sits there.


And sits there.

And sits there.

Eventually he or she figures out what's coming and pulls up closer to the gate, but never goes past it. At this point you'll be screaming "Go around the gate, you fool! AROUND THE GATE! Or THROUGH IT! Just get off the damned tracks!"

But no. They just sit there until some Good Samaritan runs up and lifts the gate so the Bimmer can drive through it mere seconds before the train comes through.

What was the deal here? Did they not want to scratch their hood by driving through the gate? I can guarantee the scratches from the train crash would have been a lot worse. Your stupid car isn't worth your life.

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