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Feast your eyes upon what looks like a Doctor Moreau-style splicing experiment between a Tyrrell P34, Plymouth Prowler, a few GM trucks, a fire truck, an airplane, and some farm equipment.

Yeah, all that.

Apparently the product of three years labor at a Melrose, Florida shop, this 1998 Chevrolet S-10 is channeled, has a GMC dual-rear wheel rear axle, all kinds of wacky custom body work, and oh yeah— a carbureted V12 from a fucking 1941 Seagrave/Pierce Arrow fire truck.


It's up for sale at $20,000 right now, and according to the seller who built the "truck" its designation is "short range car show, show stopper and parade vehicle."


I'm guessing the state inspection regulations in Florida lean to the side of "lenient," or this guy footed one hell of a bribe.

Did I tell you about the yoke? It has a aircraft yoke instead of a steering wheel. Plus one of those add-on center consoles from AutoZone and some killer dash vinyl.


I can't decide who is crazier— whoever put this together, or whoever buys it. Either way, it sure is something else to look at and for that we've gotta thank the builder.