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Ivan "Ironman" Stewart joined Toyota's factory off-road racing team in 1983, and made their Trophy Trucks truly iconic over his 82-win career. This might be the coolest image ever of "#11" in classic Toyota red, white, and yellow.

Until 2013 Stewart was the only individual, in any vehicle, to win the Baja 1000 solo. He even had his name on a video game called "Ivan 'Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road" that Toyota recently rebooted to promote their TRDPro line of off-road styled trucks.


If you need a crash course on how Stewart earned such an awesome nickname in off-road racing, here's one of my favorite "best of" reels of him:

This image is as classic as the truck itself, but it recently resurfaced on the Old School Off Road Racing Facebook community page and was too damn trucktacular not to share.

Our standard 16x9 image sizing cut a bit off, so here's that image again in 1280x1024 glory for your desktop wallpapering pleasure.

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