I have a confession to make: I hate the C3 Chevrolet Corvette. Not just because it's hideous, which it is, but because as it soldiered on for 14 years and found itself choked out by emissions regulations, it became a physical symbol of the sad decline of American muscle.

By the early 1980s the C3's 350 V8 could barely eke out 200 horsepower — less if you lived in California! — and was roundly getting its ass kicked by Datsun Zs. The Malaise Era was a dark time indeed.


Thankfully for all of us, the Corvette has gotten its shit together since then.

Our friend at Regular Car Reviews addresses all these criticisms in his take on a 1979 Corvette. But he also sticks up for it, saying it's a much more modern, drivable car than the DeLorean he drove a few weeks ago. It has a nice shifter. And did you know it has a really good heater?

Also, torque. Torque makes everything better.

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