What Caused The Death Of The Big American Sedan?

For decades, the big sedan was unquestionably what the American auto industry did best. Then the SUVs came and everything changed. What happened? » 3/24/15 9:00am 3/24/15 9:00am

When Lexus Built A Car That Feels Modern After 25 Years

It was the late eighties and Toyota wanted to beat the Germans big time. Surprisingly, the LS400 worked, just like it does today. But could it be a classic already? » 3/16/15 9:25am 3/16/15 9:25am

1999 Chevy Blazer: Pretty Much A Rickshaw Disguised As The Future

1999. As Mr. Regular calls it; the nintiest of the nineties. When everything we built reflected an unbridled optimism about "living in the future." Yes, this includes the sanded-brick-shaped 1999 Chevy Blazer. » 3/02/15 10:40am 3/02/15 10:40am

Is The AE86 A Magical Cartoon Car Or Just A Toyota Corolla?

"No car is as hyped up as the AE86," Mr. Regular says in the latest Regular Car Reviews test of a rather legendary vehicle. But can that vehicle really live up to its legend? Will it make your wildest touge drift dreams come true, or is it just a Corolla that happens to be rear-wheel drive? » 2/23/15 10:27am 2/23/15 10:27am

The Time Subaru Tried To Make A BMW 8-Series

Mr. Regular calls the Subaru SVX "one of the most amazing cars ever made in the nineties," and he bets you never heard of it. He would lose that against me, just like how Subaru lost $75 million trying to sell a luxury GT in America before any of the rally success. » 2/09/15 10:45am 2/09/15 10:45am

Regular Car Reviews Takes On The Most Regular Car Of All Time

What could possibly be more regular than a four-door, automatic Honda Civic? When you boil down a car to its barest, most regular essence — a means of transportation that works every time you start it up — this is what you get. » 2/02/15 1:35pm 2/02/15 1:35pm

How The Dodge Challenger SRT8 Doesn't Fit In To The Car World Anymore

Watch the above video of Regular Car Reviews' take on the Dodge Challenger SRT8. Notice how the car will not, cannot fit into any kind of modern view on what kind of car it should be. » 1/26/15 5:30pm 1/26/15 5:30pm

Regular Cars Remembers The Days Of The Honest Pickup Truck

While everyone was talking about a certain other Ford yesterday, Regular Car Reviews tackled a very different one, a '96 F-150. How does it drive? That doesn't really matter. » 1/13/15 5:00pm 1/13/15 5:00pm

A 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Makes You Look Like An Old Money Hero

First of all, I don't understand what's difficult in pronouncing Jaguar. It's the same as the animal, only with more horsepower. Get over it! » 1/05/15 10:15am 1/05/15 10:15am

How To Get Trapped In (And Escape From) The Trunk Of A Ferrari

Our friends at Regular Car Reviews got their hands on an oddly familiar Ferrari and finally put it through the type of testing nobody's been brave enough to go through with: can a grown man fit inside that precious little cargo box that passes for a trunk on this car? » 12/27/14 1:32pm 12/27/14 1:32pm

The Ferrari 360: It's Not About The Car

You would think that a 400 horsepower midengined V8 sports car would be about its power, its style, its sound, its speed. As it turns out, those all just feed into something else. » 12/25/14 10:00pm 12/25/14 10:00pm

The BMW S1000RR Doesn't Know Any Jokes

If there was ever a vehicle to represent the stereotypes of German engineering it would be the BMW S1000RR. It's very serious, but somehow, it's still fun. » 12/08/14 2:26pm 12/08/14 2:26pm

The B6 Audi A4 Quattro Is An Executive Car Without The Suit

Calling the second-generation A4 Quattro a compact executive car is absolutely correct, even it's just a VW Passat with Quattro all-wheel drive and a higher price tag. None of that matters now, because it's a decade-old wagon that remained a nice car to have. » 11/24/14 2:35pm 11/24/14 2:35pm

The Honda S2000 Can't Be The Last Two-Seater You Buy Before A 'Vette

Regular Car Reviews had a Honda S2000 about a year ago, but they couldn't stay away from this tiny roadster's happy face any longer. This love story has some potential. » 11/17/14 11:15am 11/17/14 11:15am

Suzuki Hayabusa: The Ride Of Choice For The Feral North American Bro

I think it's fair to say that the Suzuki Hayabusa has a bad reputation. But as the latest Regular (Bike) Review points out, it's not really the fault of the bike — it's the fault of the rider that bike attracts. » 11/03/14 3:10pm 11/03/14 3:10pm

Why The 2006 Honda Pilot Needs Ventilated Brake Rotors

Because it's basically your foot against 4,450 pounds of boredom rolling down the hill. Can a Regular Car Reviews take make it interesting somehow? » 10/27/14 12:38pm 10/27/14 12:38pm

Is A Wrangler JK The Revenge Of The Baby Boomers?

The JK Wrangler is not the best SUV out there and has nothing to do with concept of the original Jeeps, yet you like it because that grill is so damn familiar. What would your therapist say to that? » 10/20/14 11:50am 10/20/14 11:50am

An Aston Martin Can Be A Regular Car When It's Owned By A Regular Dude

Mr. Regular starts off by saying the car starring in their latest review, a 2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, is not a regular car. I think he's wrong, though, and I think you will too when you hear about its owner. » 10/13/14 11:44am 10/13/14 11:44am