We Should Have Bought Six-Speed V6 Honda Accord Coupes When We Had the Chance

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Screenshot: RegularCars (YouTube)

“What’s a V6 that doesn’t sound like crap,” Regular Car Reviews’ host Mr. Regular asks from behind the wheel of somebody’s 2016 Honda Accord V6 six-speed manual coupe. He immediately answers his own question: “This.”

The current tenth generation Honda Accord is a great getaround car, but unfortunately for the few people who prefer their placid driving experience paired with only two doors, the Accord Coupe was retired with the now-phased-out body style.

Handsome but unassuming, the Accord Coupe, especially a manual Accord Coupe, was a car you might be into if you were casually into driving, largely into efficiency, and generally disinterested in attracting attention and also rear doors.

Turns out that was a pretty lean customer base, so these cars are pretty rare as used options now. But, they do exist, and this video test drive makes it sound like they’re pretty awesome.


278 horsepower from a robust 3.5-liter V6, hooked up to a shifter with Honda’s signature snick-snick-snick excellence and fuel economy that’s not terrible? Sounds kind of perfect, now that I step back and think about it, despite the fact that it’s front-wheel drive.

I do have to note that Mr. Regular said the car was capable of “35 mpg on the highway,” but he must have grabbed a lower trim’s rating because Honda’s spec sheet puts the EX with Leather at 28 mpg. Which is still decent.


Otherwise, this tour of this EX-L is generally pretty informative. Not sure what compelled the citation of the V8 Chevy SS or Scat Pack Dodge as rivals, but otherwise, this is a good take on a good car.