The Volvo 850 Wagon Is Now Officially Indestructible

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We've told you before that Volvo 850s looks better when you beat the crap out of them, but this sort of professional destruction is not what we had in mind. Prepare to be amazed.


Apparently, Youtube user Krimson37 and his friends have a junkyard to play hard on, and they also ended up with a Volvo 850 wagon with a 2.5 engine and nearly 300,000 miles on the clock.

What you're about to see is total carnage. In what they call an "extreme crash test," this poor Volvo destroys a whole fleet of compacts, sedans and trailers along its way, but refuses to give up even when its whole rear gets flattened into a twisted sedan configuration thanks to one hard roll coming after another.


Krimson37 claims no modifications were made to the car, which makes the 850 the poster child for Swedish engineering and a sleeper you don't want to fuck with.

Frontal impact: ★★★★★ according to Jalopnik physics.