Here's Exactly Why the Tesla Model 3 Is Still Great in Spite of Its (Many) Flaws

Screenshot: RegularCars (YouTube)

Today on Regular Car Reviews, we have the Tesla Model 3 and also a deep dive into Elon Musk’s tweeting habits. Yes, this is going to be good.


Tesla has been going through some weird times, of late. The Model 3—a car that was meant to revolutionize the industry—has had some quality issues while at the same time garnering glowing reviews. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, has been tweeting some seriously weird stuff that he probably shouldn’t be tweeting. And Tesla itself has had a number manufacturing struggles as it ramps up production for its “affordable” EV offering.

All the while, Tesla fanboys and Tesla haters have been going at it in the dark, logic-less dungeons that are internet message boards. Yes, the whole Tesla Model 3 saga is downright bizarre, which is why we really need the downright bizarre internet personality and friend of the site Mr. Regular to break it all down for us:

In the video, Mr. Regular test drives a $60,500 Model 3, which he—for the most part—seems to enjoy.

He mentions fit and finish issues, as well as niggles like overly intrusive regenerative braking, a flimsy key fob, an annoying door handle and wonky hood alignment, but goes on to say that in an “age of post-truth,” where it’s not objective facts that matter, but rather “how the subject impacts your emotions,” the Model 3 is awesome. Much like a DeLorean DMC-12.

“I feel like a $60,000 millionaire,” Mr. Regular says, before going on to describe how the experience of piloting a Model 3 keeps a driver thinking well after she or he has stepped out of the vehicle—a true sign of a great vehicle.

The video also goes into Elon Musk’s Twitter habits, and concludes with great advice to pretty much anyone with a Twitter account: “Post less.”

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