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Man, what I'd give to be blasting around in a buggy instead of braving snowpocalpsed New York to get to the airport today. At least I can get the next best thing— live coverage straight from the King Of The Hammers buggy race going down right now!

Thanks to dedicated individuals preserving the Johnson Valley Off-Road Park, the King Of The Hammers event is in full swing this week pitting buggies, UTVs, and motorcycles against the elements in one of the beastliest single-day desert races in America.

If you ain't heard of it, here's what some racers had to say:

Pre-running and qualifying too place on Monday and Tuesday. Races kicked off this morning with UTVs. The "Everyman Challenge Race" which allows stock and modified vehicles is tomorrow, and the true "King Of The Hammers" buggy race goes down on Friday.


You can watch the event live on Ultra4 racing, and we'll be sure to share any exceptionally awesome highlights here on Truck Yeah! Official hashtag around social media is #KOH2014.