Taxis are OK for getting across a city. But if you have to leave the state, that's what buses, planes and trains are for. Especially when you're trying to get from New York to a suburb of Boston.

According to MetroWest Daily News, a cab driver picked up Deice Rebelato from JFK Airport Wednesday night and wanted to go to her home in Framingham, Mass., about 200 miles away. The driver reportedly informed Rebelato the fare would be about $1,000.

When she reached her home, the driver said the ride came out to $980. According to the police report, Rebelato told the driver she had the money in her house. Which is where she went and stayed for 10 minutes before coming back out to the cab driver and saying she didn't have the cash or a credit card that would cover the fare. Then she got back into the taxi so the driver could take her to the nearest police station.

Rebelato told police, "I have so many problems. I just came from Brazil." She was still charged with larceny, but the charge will be dropped if she can pay the fare within 60 days.


Photo: Getty Images