Special editions have long been a sign of laziness, a way to make people think a car is new when all it has is a chrome badge and two-tone paint. Unless it's a Signature Series, like Jason suggested. Then it's something that'll be hilarious 20 years from now, if not today.

Many of you thought up other Signature Series vehicles that, well, should be built to really draw people into showrooms. Sure, they may not leave with an Oliver Platt Veloster, but it's a market Hyundai may never have reached before.

So, for this different COTD, I've pulled out some of the best suggestions:



Here is a Special Edition that I would be interested in.

Sorry, not for hunks.



The Kevin Spacey Edition Chevrolet Suburban.
Not just a special signature series edition, but also can be a marketing tie-in.

Scot Zediker:

I'm not skilled in the arts of Photoshop, so I'll simply suggest the Lamborghini Gallardo Justin Bieber Edition and see if anyone picks up the ball...



"Not quite enough star power" + "Nissan Cube" = there is only one obvious outcome. Enjoy some half-starved Photoshoppery.



2013 Rob Ford Fiesta

"The party never stops"


The only car to get a "William H. Macy Signature Series" is the Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra:


Maybe GM can bring back Olds just to do a special edition Ciera one last time. But keep throwing them out there. We could do the Jalopnik Signature Series Citroen C4 Cactus.

Top photo: Chrysler

Also, special honorary COTD shoutout to Andy Sheehan.