We don't get Skodas in the U.S., and that's an absolute shame because it's secretly the coolest brand in the VW Group portfolio. Now we have even more reasons to feel stung over the lack of Skoda in our lives: the Skoda VisionC Concept in all its glory.


Skoda is about to debut this lovely green five door coupe (It's a hatchback! Coupes can have five doors now!) at the Geneva Motor Show next week, and they it heralds a new era of Skoda design. While Skoda has long offered the most affordable cars in the VW family, their styling has mostly pretty buttoned-down.

No more! Skoda says the VisionC Concept shows off a "new expressive, dynamic and emotional design language." And by that they mean it looks a lot like an Audi A7. That, however, is not a bad thing at all, because it will probably be a vastly more affordable car than an A7 thanks to its Skoda badge. Plus, if you're going to copy the design of an existing car, you could do a lot worse than that one.

The car rides on VW's new modular MQB platform and is powered by a humble 1.4-liter turbo four. It may not be fast, but it looks fantastic.


Expect to see more of Skoda's vision for the future when it drops in Geneva soon.


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