You Don't Have To Be A Surfer To Appreciate This Amazing Adventure

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Trevor Gordon's surfing trip in his Jeep Comanche camper captures the emotions of independence, isolation, and adventure so well I can almost feel the sand under my boots and cold mist on my hands watching this.

We have a saying here on Truck Yeah!— Jeep pickups kick ass. So when somebody brings well-executed Jeep Comanche project that actually gets used for serious stuff, we celebrate.

This 1991 Jeep Comanche camper was built by travel enthusiast and surfer Trevor Gordon, who boasts surfing sponsorships from Patagonia, Teva, and Cliff Bar. He told surf site Korduroy Blog he spent about "every day for two months" and "$1,500 to $2,000" building his dream surf/adventure camping rig.


His efforts paid off; it looks darn tidy. What's even more impressive is the fact that he learned how to weld and work with fiberglass in the process of building the Jeep. Having attempted both of those things myself with mediocre-at-best results, I commend this gentleman's efforts.

Apparently Gordon is from Rincon, California just north of LA, and this video is the first part of an adventure film following his surf expedition up the coast of Canada. It's pretty much all surfing after the two minute mark, but hey that's fun to watch too!

If you're trapped in an office today, watching this is a great way to spend your next coffee break.

Hat tip to Korduroy Blog via Webb Pinner!