The car world is full of biggests and fastests and most expensives. What are all the superlatives we're forgetting?

Things like, what is the most wheels on a production car? Which car has the most windshield wipers, or the most windshields?


What's the heaviest production sports car? What's the largest two-cylinder engine in a production car?

Actually, I think I can answer that last one. I can't say this for sure, but I can't think of any twin-cylinder car with more displacement that the 1903-1904 Lanchester Sixteen. It had an air-cooled 4.8 liter twin, which was surprisingly refined thanks to a unique setup of two crankshafts. Each piston linked to one crankshaft with one large connecting rod and to the other with two small connecting rods. It's all detailed right here on Car and Driver, which also has this great engineering diagram of the setup.

So, what's the strangest automotive superlative you can think of? Don't forget to show your work, kids, and back up your outlandish statements with at least some proof.

Photo Credit: Austin7Nut (4.0 liter Lanchester 12 pictured, but it looked pretty much identical to the 16 and 18. Here's a pic of an 18.)

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