The Ten Coolest Jeeps That Aren't Jeeps

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Everyone from Kia to Nissan to Alfa Romeo to Fiat to BAIC to Nissan to Mahindra to Suzuki to Ssangyong to Toyota to Troller to UMM to UAZ has built their own version of the great American conqueror offroader. These are the ten weirdest, coolest 'jeeps' that aren't, well, Jeeps.

10.) Toyota Land Cruiser


Like an old Jeep, only better looking and better built.

Suggested By: Basement Cat, Photo Credit: Toyota via Alden Jewell

9.) DKW Munga

A postwar (West) German military vehicle with a front-mounted two-stroke inline three and four wheel drive. It's the father of the Dakar-winning VW Iltis and the grandfather of the Audi Quattro.


Suggested By: Audi For Life, Photo Credit: Audi via OldCarAdvertising

8.) Land Rover


It's like a Jeep, only it breaks down more often and is harder to get parts for. Also their fans have a great sense of humor, right? Please don't hurt me?

There was also the 101 Forward Control version that had a Rover V8. That thing is rad.


Suggested By: FatherRottenCrotch, Photo Credit: Land Rover via Alden Jewell

7.) Icon Bronco


There's a lot of debate over which is cooler — the original Ford Bronco or the International Harvester Scout. Both are wrong. The restomod, ultra-expensive hewn-from-granite Icon Bronco is the coolest.

Suggested By: Matt Dubord, Photo Credit: Icon

6.) Mini Twini Moke


The Mini Moke is just about the most adorable little offroader, but it only came with front wheel drive. That's why they made the Twini Moke, which got four wheel drive thanks to a second engine that powered the back wheels.

Suggested By: Fi1ngstam, Photo Credit:

5.) Mahindra Thar


The Indian Jeep. It's still for sale, not unlike an old Willys Jeep that never grew up.

Suggested By: Mi2un and SilentButDeadly, Photo Credit:

4.) Suzuki Samurai


The littlest of all the mainstream Jeeps. These things are surprisingly tough, and despite their usual hairdresser image, it's not hard to find these things with hilariously huge lifts and swamper tires on 'em.

Suggested By: DomEOD, Photo Credit: Suzuki (this version being the SJ410) via AldenJewell


3.) UAZ-469


There's something amazing about a Jeep clone designed in Soviet Russia. These things aren't quite as tough as you'd think, but they're so simple you can fix them with baling twine and a hammer. That's useful when you're on the Siberian steppe and the nearest mechanic is three days away.

Suggested By: InvalidnostCCCP, Photo Credit: UAZ via Hugo90

2.) Lamborghini LM002


It's a jeep with a Countach V12. Check out its whole military backstory right here and be amazed at how capable the Rambo Lambo was.


Suggested By: RazoE, Photo Credit: Lamborghini

1.) Any Jeepney


The unofficial vehicle of the Philippines, their most common mode of public transit, the gaudiest jeeps in the world, the craziest, wildest interpretation of the basic form. May they never go away.

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: Magalhães

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