It's time for another one of those PSAs that I can't believe I have to say but holy crap why do I have to say this: do not, under any circumstances, try to beat a train at a street crossing. Ever. Doesn't matter if you're on a car, bike, plane, foot. Don't do it. You could end up like this Dutch woman almost did.

The first six people who tried to run across were clearly in the wrong, and should have waited, but by the time the person in question tried to run across the tracks, that train must've been loudly pounding down the tracks at a pretty close distance. She was sticking her whole goddamn head out in front of a many-ton death machine, and barely pulled it away just in time. Christ.


For the second time in less than 200 words, I'm going to say something I should never have to repeat, to adults, about crossing anything:

Stop. Look. And listen.

My god, people.

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