You Won't Believe How Quiet The Tesla Model S Is Until You Hear It

Everyone makes a lot of noise about how silent the Tesla Model S is upon acceleration, but it's hard to truly grasp the degree of quiet until you hear it in action. The Model S in this video accelerates up to 120 MPH, and until the road noise takes over all you hear is a little "whir."

In any other car, even a little four banger, you'd be met with some sort of growl or scream or complaint from the engine. In contrast, this just sounds like a laser gun charging up.

Oddly enough, I've got no complaints there.

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Tom McParland

I love seeing these on the road...especially when the driver really gets on it and it just zooms away without a sound. It reminds me of all those "UFO" encounters where people talk about a craft just accelerating suddenly without any noise....wait a minute...