The British accent has the potential to be disconcerting. I'm not talking about the average coal miner from Yorkshire, or the hilariously unintelligible peoples of Basildon, but rather the strangely urgent tone usually heard when a 1970s movie needed a villain. Which is exactly what Volvo used for this ad.


A lot of ads from the 1970s tended to have announcers that seemed bored, or, at the very least, like they were your homeroom teacher from 8th grade that had a really shiny head and you both knew that this whole "homeroom" nonsense would all be over soon so let's just get through it so that we can all get on with our lives.

But not this one for the Volvo 144 GRAND LUXE, which you must say in all capital letters, especially where your well-being is concerned.


Well then. That's one way to say that the car's got some solid disc brakes.

I'd be the first one in line to tell you all about how important safety is, but something about the way this announcer barks his praises for a 1970 Volvo sounds vaguely Animal Farm-ish. Pretty sure he's going to start screaming about four wheels and two wheels and Old Major pretty soon.

Even if he is talking about the "mahvelous acceleration."

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